Buyer Beware When It Comes To Food Labels

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If Reading Food Labels Leaves A Bad Taste, You’re Not Alone

 Food Labels Like ‘Organic’ and ‘Whole Grain,’ Meant to Clarify, Often Confuse. See Decoding Nutrition Labels for a beginners guide. If you shop at farmer’s markets or have a vibrant local food scene, you’ll want to know all about the Green Market Glossary: Farmers Market Labels Demystified

If you find yourself thinking “I’ll just eat whatever” or, “labels are way to confusing and complicated, I might as well eat what I like, then JO CRAVEN MCGINTY offers a helpful guide to understanding what the label means on the food you’re buying.

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‘Natural’ Definition Uncovers Consumer Mispreceptions

Mission To Define ‘Natural’

Uncovers Consumer Misperceptions

Captain Picard Asks A WTF QuestionHow “natural” gets defined will have momentous effects across the food and supplement markets. The term is currently being defined by lawsuits.

Who would have thought we’d have to have an argument about what ‘natural’ means, but it turns out we do and we should.

We live in a society that argues over how many parts per million of perchlorate in our drinking water is acceptable. Perchloate is a salt used in the manufacturing explosives and rocket fuel. That’s right, rocket fuel.

The Natural and Organic Health Society has just released a study that reveals how much confusion and misinformation consumers have about ‘natural’.

Being healthy is simple, but it certainly isn’t getting any easier, is it? It doesn’t have to be this way. We  vote with our forks. Each mouthful represents a choice about how much ‘natural’ we have.  I think that’s a basis for dinner table conversations.


USDA Gives 2nd Generation GM ‘Innate’ Potato Green Light

Would you eat this unlabeled GMO creation? Could you even tell which one you’re eating? Didn’t think so.

Innate Genetically Modified Potato and Regular Potato after 30 Minutes










You likely already ate some GM potato without knowing it. Over 400 acres worth of GM potatoes were sold in Midwestern grocery stores over the summer, and most of them went unlabeled as such. The second generation of J.R. Simplot Co.’s genetically modified potato has cleared its first federal regulatory hurdle, and the Russet Burbank variety ‘Innate’ has been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In the name of a potato that won’t brown or bruise, as this is the reason being given for its genetic alteration, we are expected to eat another genetically modified crop, and like it.

Of course you are interested in the rhetoric provided by Simplot’s vice president of plant sciences, Haven Baker. He says:

“For historical reasons and current agriculture reasons, this is an important milestone. The Irish potato famine did change a lot of Western history. Even today – 160 years later – late blight is a $5 billion problem for the global potato industry.”

The potato modifications were made by silencing existing genes or adding genes from other types of potatoes, not from other plants or animals.

“It’s potato genes in the potato,” he said. “There are clear benefits for everybody, and it’s just a potato.”

One of the company’s oldest business partners – McDonald’s – has already said it does not plan to use the company’s first-generation Innate potato. McDonald’s did not immediately respond to calls for comment about the new potato, so the company will sell to grocery stores instead.

Doug Cole, the company’s director of marketing and communications, said about 400 acres’ worth of the company’s first genetically modified potatoes sold out last summer in grocery stores in 10 states in the Midwest and Southeast. The company plans to market about 2,000 acres of potatoes next summer.

The company said it expects FDA and EPA approvals within a year. Commercial planting would likely begin in 2017, and they are already hard at work on potatoes that will have a resistance to a virus ‘that makes potatoes unmarketable.’
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